Gulyangarri Public School

Opening the door to possibility.

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School logo

Gulyangarri Public School’s logo inspires our future. The logo’s building blocks are based on our core values and represent being ambitious, courageous, kind and safe.

Our logo represents a school culture where education is the key to succeed. It uses five symbols to represent the school and our core values.

Image on an arch

The arch border symbolises the entrance to the school.

A gateway to education that empowers all through the building of knowledge, personal growth and achievement.

Image of a target

The target symbolises ambition.

A target captures the essence of ambition, striving towards excellence, a challenge to conquer, to reach our highest aspirations and be curious about our world.

Image of a shield

The shield symbolises courage.

A shield embodies courage as it empowers us to embrace challenge, persevere and take risks in our learning, develop resilience and pursue our goals.

Image of dots

The dots symbolise kindness.

Representing the diversity of our school, the dots reflect our learning community, the links we have with each other and our connections with the broader community.

Image of a pathway

The pathway symbolises safety.

The horizontal stripes reflect the path that guides our learning, providing assurance and direction, a sense of safety, and a welcoming place for all where everyone belongs.