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School name

The importance of the school site

Gulyangarri Public School is built on the lands of the Cabrogal Clan. The Cabrogal are named after the cohbra grubs that were harvested along the banks of the Georges River, especially near Cabramatta Creek.

The school site is in a location that was once rich in natural resources along the Georges River. The land around Liverpool was generally open forest reflecting the Cumberland Plain Woodland that provided a variety of plants for food, artefact manufacture and a habitat for animals. The school site is located close to the wetlands that surrounded Lake Moore. The design of the school takes inspiration from the Cumberland Plain and Georges River in its colour scheme and landscaping.

Artefacts found during construction reflect the ongoing connection Aboriginal People have with the land and are a direct link to their ancestors. Stone tool artefacts found were predominantly made from silicrete and reflect trading between the Cabrogal Clan and neighbouring clans. The artefacts provide scientific information demonstrating survival techniques used by Aboriginal People and an insight into Aboriginal history and values. A display of the artefacts in the school deepens an understanding of Aboriginal histories.

The school name

Gulyangarri Public School draws its name from the Darug language spoken by the Cabrogal Clan. The word gulyangarri translates to children in English. It was chosen to reflect the importance of children being at the centre of all that we do.

Just as Aboriginal Elders shared knowledge and culture with children over millennia, we too continue those traditions bringing together all Australians in a learning journey that nurtures and empowers our students. Gulyangarri is a place of belonging for all children.

How to pronounce the school name

Sadly, many Aboriginal languages were lost due to the impacts of colonisation. We continue to learn about Aboriginal languages thanks to the hard work of dedicated individuals involved in projects such as Dharag Dalang.

You can hear an example of how to pronounce our name from their website.